Dear Bob,

I wanted to write the following letter of referral below. Feel free to use this testimonial and hope that it

serves as a benefit, because you definitely deserve it.

Three years ago, Greg Panzl insisted that if I was serious about becoming a better shooter and competitor,

there was 2 things I needed to do. First off was to put my 1911 gun back into the safe and switch to a

Glock pistol, and the second was seek out this Bob Vogel guy that lived in Ohio.

Fortunately, I followed Greg’s advice on both accounts and I can say without a doubt, investing the time

and money in training with Bob has been the best decision I made. There is no amount of ammunition or

money spent on equipment that could have helped me improve my shooting as much as training with


This past shooting season, I was able to win 3 major IDPA matches. While it has taken some serious

devotion to training, what I learned from Bob helped make winning these 3 matches possible. I am looking

forward to continuing my improvement as a shooter and competitor, and know that I will be utilizing more

training with Bob to help make this happen.

For anyone wanting to learn smart and proven techniques to become a better shooter needs to contact

Bob. While there are no shortcuts to success, he will show you hands-on and first person how to improve

both your fundamentals and performance in match conditions. You will learn and experience what has

helped Bob win both National and World Championships. This kind of experience is invaluable.

Wish you continued success, Bob!

Chris Chamberlin

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